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Episode 3.2 - Happy 4th Birthday to the Online CF Meetup

In this episode we discuss the new features of CF Builder 2 and the recent news of a CF Builder Express edition. Adobe also is coming out with a CS5.5 release next month and we review some of the new features it has for RIA developers, and of course, we also talk about the latest news on conferences coming up for this year.

This was recorded on Apr 29, 2011

Size: 50.9MB
Time: 1:46

  Video (Connect):

Show Notes:

Microsoft has a IE6 countdown
SOTR keynote of next CF release features
CFBuilder 2 Beta
Online CFMeetup recently celebrated 4th birthday, and 184th episode
CFBuilder 2 Express Edition

Rudi Shumpert got an award :) for his podcast Beyond Web Analytics

Flex support for iOS is coming in June
Jesse Warden's Flash Player 11 feature requests
Deepa Subramaniam has a twitter account. She's the Flex SDK Manager


D2WC, July in KC

RIAcon, August in Rockville MD
SlideSix is open sourced
Tips of the show   
Charlie: potential request limits with IIS, and for all CF9 users (IIS and Apache)

CF server uptime
John -
SQL Injection Protection tools for CF -
Barracuda Networks is hacked
Adobe Security Notification Service
Max loyalist discounts

MAX 2011 regular pricing
Changes in the management of CF

Posted on: Apr 30, 2011

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