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Episode 2.1 - FroMan the Snowman

In this, the first hour of a two part series, we discuss various news items from the month of December. We discuss the New Year's Y2K10 bug found in SpamAssassin. ColdFusion scope priorities and why you should always scope your variables. We talk about the recent outrage at Rackspace and why not every cloud service is truly cloud based. And finally, we review the new Google Nexus One phone.

This recording was made on Jan 6, 2010

What we got for the Holidays!

Cheyenne Throckmorton

John Mason
D90 Nikon Camera

Rudi Shumpert
Playstation 3

Charlie Arehart
An Old Testament Theology: An Exegetical, Canonical, and Thematic Approach

Josh Adams
3-way Wireless Mic Mixer

Flex 3.5 sdk released

SpamAssassin Y2K10 bug ;)

CF Scope Priority: reality vs. documentation

Coldfusion Easter Eggs

Over 1000 apps banned from the appstore

Rackspace goes down again

Android news:  Nexus One, AT&T to sell Android phones

AOL split from Time Warner

Posted on: Jan 8, 2010

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Rudi Shumpert

Rudi Shumpert wrote on 01/09/10 8:37 AM

John & company,

That was a lot of fun. Thanks for letting me participate in it!


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