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Episode 1.10 - The Inverse Mohawk

In this, the second hour of a two part series, we discuss various news items from the month of November. In this episode, we talk about the recent release of Flex Builder for Linux and also a technote about installing ColdFusion 9 on 64bit Linux systems. We discuss some interestings browser quirks and concepts such as 'domain sharding'. And, we also take time to ponder on why it cost the US taxpayer $18 million to build

This recording was made on Dec 2, 2009
Size: 27.4 MB
Length: 59:57

Flex Builder for Linux

Windows 7 screen of death cost us $18 million to build

ColdFusion 9 TechNote for installing ColdFusion 9 on 64-bit Linux

Merlin Manager

Common Listserver commands

charlie interested in new laptop--looking at intel I7 processor

Parallel Browser Connections

Domain Sharding

Book: "Even Faster Web Sites", O’Reilly 2009, Steve Souders

Startup weekend Atlanta
Project -
     - GAE:
     - Twilio:

Josh Adams:  Presentastic:

Steve Drucker:

John Mason

Scott Talsma

Rudi's podcast

Our small Video recording

Posted on: Dec 7, 2009

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Rudi Shumpert

Rudi Shumpert wrote on 12/07/09 7:08 PM

Thanks for the shout out! I would like to be able to sit in on the next podcast if it works out!

I have a lot more information about other ColdFusion & Omniture integrations on my main blog as well! (


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