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Episode 1.1 - Roundtable Discussion

Episode 1.1 - Roundtable Discussion
Featuring: Charlie Arehart, Doug Knudsen, Josh Adams and John Mason
Date of Recording: July 1, 2009
Summary: The roundtable talks about their sessions for the upcoming CFUnited conference. We talk with Charlie Arehart about his presentation titled CFMythbusters. We also have some security news at the end.

Size: 58 MB
Length: 1:07

Posted on: Jul 19, 2009

1 comments - Categories: Episodes


Mike G.

Mike G. wrote on 07/20/09 6:35 AM

Congrats on your first episode!

I enjoyed the security discussions and the points made about some of the often ignored side effects of blanket use of cfqueryparam.

While a general commandment of tho shalt param my query is great, I'm a big believer in front line application level security using tools like portcullis. I might have missed it but I didn't notice any mention of server level protection like URL scanning and rewriting. This in itself can save the CF server alot energy when hit by bad bots probing for SQL injection.

Anyway I'll look forward to more of these roundtables.

Cheers, Mike G.

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