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RIA podcast is a new podcast focusing on Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies such as ColdFusion, Flex, Flash, jQuery and AIR.




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Episode 2.10 - She said Yes!

In this episode, we discuss the recent Apple announcements from September 1 regarding iTunes 10, the new iOS and new AppleTV. We also discuss Google killing the Nexus One and their recent net neutrality deal with Verizon. Today, over 850,000 people have top secret security clearance and we discuss the implications of our growing government infrastructure. We also review the latest ColdFusion patches and hotfixes from Adobe. And finally, we wrap up our talk on Josh's recent engagement.

This recording was made on September 1, 2010
Time: 1:44

Show Notes:

New Apple goodies
Google kills the Nexus One

Google - Verizon net neutrality

Top secret clearance and contractors

CF 9 Update 1 (CF 9.0.1)


CF 8/9 Security hotfix - directory traversal patch

CF 9.0.1 CHF

Merlin    Manager

Troubleshooting consultants

Adobe no longer a part of OpenCFML
- Adam's blog
- Matt's blog
- Sean's blog
Conferences: MAX & CF Unconference

CF Server team blogging
Josh got engaged

Posted on: Sep 2, 2010

Episode 2.9 - T'Pau

In this episode, we discuss the end of the CFUnited conference and the reaction from the community. We review the beta release of the Tour de ColdFusion app and talk about the next version of the Flex SDK codenamed Hero. And finally, we reflect on the World Cup and the Tour de France.

This recording was made on July 7, 2010
Time: 1:35
Size: 43.8MB

CFUnited 2010 will be the final one
Hal Helms post
Brian Rinaldi post
CF Developer Survey
Terry Ryan's posts
Tour de ColdFusion

Tour de Flex
Visualizing Gulf Oil Disaster
Installing Flash on the iPad
Hero for Flex
Flex 4.1 updates includes layout mirroring
Flash Player 10.1

Mike Nimer's blog post on using Spring with ColdFusion views

World Cup

Tour de France

Upcoming conferences:

CFUnited, Jul 28-31; Washington, DC area

Dallas Tech Fest, July 30th

BR Conference, Aug 19-21; Rio de Janeiro Brazil

360|Flex in DC  Sept 19-22

Adobe Max, Oct 23-27

ApacheCon, Nov 1-5

Posted on: Jul 9, 2010

Episode 2.8 - The Computer Chronicles

In today’s show we review the latest CF book, a ColdFusion Anthology. We also discuss the news in the mobile market and the new Google TV. Microsoft’s IE browser is losing market share and what that could mean for developers. And finally we reflect on the Computer Chronicles, a TV show we use to watch during the 80s.

This recording was made on June 2, 2010
Time: 1:25
Size: 41MB

Grant Skinner's blue lego fix
Adobe's Content Aware Fill.. huh? GIMP already had it for years


Library of Congress will save tweets
iPad sells reach 1 million - it's now at 2 million
Youtube to let users charge fees
New CF Book - the ColdFusion Anthology
IE losing ground in the browser market
Aaron West flood relief
Android passes iPhone in mobile
BestBuy and others using CF (for a trade-in subsite)
CF not finding datasources after upgrade

cfhttp caching dns info past the ttl
Google admits nexus one sales have failed
CFBuilder 1.0 Updater 1 released
Hotfix for expiring CFForm applet (7, 8, 9)
Google's pac-man game cost 4.8 million hours
FusionAnalytics coming, in private beta. expect to see more about it at CFUnited
Adobe publishes CF 9 lock down whitepaper

Computer Chronicles

Steve Jobs at the D conference

Upcoming Conferences, Jun 19-20; Kansas City, MO

CFUnited, Jul 28-31; Washington, DC area
BR Conference, Aug 19-21; Rio de Janeiro Brazil

ApacheCon, Nov 1-5, Atlanta

Posted on: Jun 3, 2010

Episode 2.7 - cfObjective

In this episode, we report from the cfObjective conference and are joined by Brian Meloche of cfConversations and the CF Jedi Master Ray Camden.

This recording was made on April 23, 2010
Time: 20:40
Size: 9.46MB


CF Jedi Master

Posted on: Apr 27, 2010

Episode 2.6 - John's Security Rant

This is the second part of our earlier 2.5 episode. In this episode, we discuss the upcoming conferences for this year. Charlie talks about the new beta of Fusion Analytics. We also review the recent Supreme Court decision on the FCC suit against Comcast and its affects on net neutrality. And finally we wrap things up with John's latest security rant.

This recording was made on April 7, 2010
Time: 1:10:16
Size: 32.1MB

Upcoming conferences

cf.objective(): John, Josh, and Charlie speaking

CFMeetup this week: Dan Wilson on Model Glue, Marc Esher on CFB/CFE tips

Recent presentations/recordings of the CFMeetup

CF9 Performance Brief

New online training company (CF, Flex, and more)

New CFML docs site (HTML and AIR-based)

FullAsAGoog blog aggregator updated

FusionAnalytics Beta

Ultimate list of CF debugging output template alternatives

The Ultimate Var Scope Resource list

Net neutrality - FCC loses case against Comcast

Posted on: Apr 27, 2010