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RIA podcast is a new podcast focusing on Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies such as ColdFusion, Flex, Flash, jQuery and AIR.




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Viewing by month: February 2011

Episode 3.1 - The Blair Josh Project

In this episode we review a book called "The Seven languages in seven weeks". We also have a discussion about H1B visas and the lack of good faith recruiting, and also the recent closure of the InsideRIA magazine.

This recording was made on Jan 26, 2011

Size: 18MB
Time: 38 min

  Video (Connect):

Show Notes:

Seven Languages in Seven Weeks

cfObjective speakers and topics have been posted   

Open cfSummitt reduces their pricing to $30

BlueDragon 7.1.1 released (java editions)
Ben Stucki and Jesse Freeman talking about their consulting business and rates       

Good faith recruiting?

InsideRIA closure   

RIAforge reached 1 million downloads

Free SilverLight training in Atlanta

Tips and Picks of the show?  



Posted on: Feb 9, 2011