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RIA podcast is a new podcast focusing on Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies such as ColdFusion, Flex, Flash, jQuery and AIR.




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Episode 2.9 - T'Pau

In this episode, we discuss the end of the CFUnited conference and the reaction from the community. We review the beta release of the Tour de ColdFusion app and talk about the next version of the Flex SDK codenamed Hero. And finally, we reflect on the World Cup and the Tour de France.

This recording was made on July 7, 2010
Time: 1:35
Size: 43.8MB

CFUnited 2010 will be the final one
Hal Helms post
Brian Rinaldi post
CF Developer Survey
Terry Ryan's posts
Tour de ColdFusion

Tour de Flex
Visualizing Gulf Oil Disaster
Installing Flash on the iPad
Hero for Flex
Flex 4.1 updates includes layout mirroring
Flash Player 10.1

Mike Nimer's blog post on using Spring with ColdFusion views

World Cup

Tour de France

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Posted on: Jul 9, 2010