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RIA podcast is a new podcast focusing on Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies such as ColdFusion, Flex, Flash, jQuery and AIR.




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Viewing by month: December 2009

Episode 1.10 - The Inverse Mohawk

In this, the second hour of a two part series, we discuss various news items from the month of November. In this episode, we talk about the recent release of Flex Builder for Linux and also a technote about installing ColdFusion 9 on 64bit Linux systems. We discuss some interestings browser quirks and concepts such as 'domain sharding'. And, we also take time to ponder on why it cost the US taxpayer $18 million to build

This recording was made on Dec 2, 2009
Size: 27.4 MB
Length: 59:57

Flex Builder for Linux

Windows 7 screen of death cost us $18 million to build

ColdFusion 9 TechNote for installing ColdFusion 9 on 64-bit Linux

Merlin Manager

Common Listserver commands

charlie interested in new laptop--looking at intel I7 processor

Parallel Browser Connections

Domain Sharding

Book: "Even Faster Web Sites", O’Reilly 2009, Steve Souders

Startup weekend Atlanta
Project -
     - GAE:
     - Twilio:

Josh Adams:  Presentastic:

Steve Drucker:

John Mason

Scott Talsma

Rudi's podcast

Our small Video recording

Posted on: Dec 7, 2009

Episode 1.9 - Cockroaches will find a way to live!

Featuring: Josh Adams, Charlie Arehart, John Mason and Cheyenne Throckmorton

In this, the first hour of a two part series, we discuss various news items from the month of November. In this episode, we review some of the recent articles on caching. We also highlight some of the new beta products released by Adobe and Microsoft. We find Charlie is still alive and is ranting about blog spam. And we also discuss the recent software configuration problem that took the FAA down for 4 hours.

This recording was made on December 2, 2009

Size: 25.1 MB
Length: 54min

Starting question - What was the first version of Windows that you used?
 Charlie - version 2.11
 John - version 2.? and Windows NT 3.51 on the server side
 Cheyenne - version 3
 Josh - Windows 95

Scorched Earth - Tank game from the early days

The end of FuseNG

CFWheels 1.0 release (upcoming cfmeetup talks, videos on vimeo

ColdFusion Meetup upcoming events

Rob Brooks-Bilson's Caching series

Aaron west's 14 days of CF9 caching

Call for speakers for CFUnited open through mid-january

Charlie blogged about spying on CF-to-ORM database activity, several ways

FlashPlayer 10.1 beta

Flash CS5 beta; compiling to iPhone apps

AIR 2.0 beta

Silverlight 4 beta is available

Free week of online Flex training

Charlie looking for a RIA solution

CF9 hotfix for problems doing CF9 update, issue with migration wizard.

Charlie rants: bloggers who don't stop comment spam; bloggers who don't identify themselves

If you run a google group, I blogged how to dramatically cut spam messages

Our small Video recording

Posted on: Dec 4, 2009